The flexible high temperature beam dyeing machine

The BeamMaster high temperature fabric dyeing machine has a highly flexible application range, due to its design and options. With the BeamMaster dyehouses are able to bleach and dye woven and knitted fabrics in open width form efficiently and trouble-free.


  • Different sizes of beams including double or triple beams
  • High degree of customizing
  • WindMaster – Benninger is system supplier incl.  beamwinding and unwinding machine
  • Stainless steel autoclave with safety door.
  • Dyeing at up to 140°C / 4.5 bar for synthetic materials and high temperature bleaching to reduce process times.
  • Air cushion for expansion and dosing
  • Rigid carts made of stainless steel with high performance polyurethane wheels to move the dye beams.
  • Flow Reversal (Option)
  • Treatment of embroidery and laces (E.g. Discharge of PVA Nonwovens)
  • State of the art controller with differential pressure measuring and control.
  • «Plug and Play»

Only available on request!

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