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Leader in wet textile finishing

We supply overall solutions for all important textile finishing processes and we specialize in the continuous open-width treatment of woven and knitted fabrics as well as technical textiles.

Benninger boosts the efficiency of its customers with innovative process systems, by increasing productivity, optimizing quality as well as ensuring and improving ecological standards.

You can feel it's Benninger!


The complete washing range for all processes

The globally renowned washing compartments EXTRACTA, TRIKOFLEX as well as INJECTA developed by Benninger are of central importance for correct washing in textile finishing systems. The variety of available models and the modular concept cover all textile washing requirements.

  • High washing performance
  • High level of uniformity and reproducibility
  • Minimum water consumption
  • High energy efficiency
  • Up to 50 percent water and steam savings compared to extension processes

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Continuous desizing and bleaching in one pass

Fabric which is ready for dyeing is produced from raw materials in one pass. This process is fast, economical and yet of impeccable quality. With this optimized single-stage work process, operating costs are reduced by around 30 percent and the burden on the environment is significantly reduced.

  • High productivity
  • Best pre-treatment results
  • Thirty percent lower production costs

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The complete range for continuous and CPB dyeing

Flexibility, high reproducibility and easy handling are the main arguments for the cold dwelling process. The entire spectrum of open-width dyeing is covered with reactive dyestuffs at a low investment cost.

The Küsters DyePad with two floating rollers has been a safe and reliable partner in the piece dyeing sector for decades.

  • High reproducibility
  • Even dyeing results
  • Low energy and water consumption (CPD)
  • High wear-fastness
  • Salt free dyeing

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Mercerizing at the highest level for the best luster, highest dimensional stability and dye yield

The BEN-Dimensa achieves results that no other machine offers. The length and width of the fabric can be influenced as required within the physical limits thanks to the combination of “chainless positive guidance" and "stenter frame”.

  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Higher dye yield
  • High luster
  • Silky soft touch

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Environmental protection and cost savings with the recovery of energy and resources

The global shortage of energy and water calls for ecological solutions for wet chemical production processes.

  • Benninger KASAG lye recovery systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Energy-efficient drive technology
  • CO2 reduction due to the use of state-of-the-art technologies


The optimal solution for every application

Low tension fabric guiding and outstanding reproducibility with minimum use of resources are the highlights of the success of the Benninger knitwear line.

  • Smoother fabric surface with higher luster
  • At least 50 percent lower steam and water consumption
  • 25–30 percent lower variable costs
  • CPD dyeing with reactive dyestuffs possible
  • High productivity (25 t/d)
  • No enzyme treatment necessary
  • No loss of quality cause by friction points
  • Crease-free relaxation of synthetic and elastane fibers
  • Low weight loss

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For fabric widths of up to 5400 mm

Benninger has now become firmly established in the field of technical textiles in addition to the woven and knitted fabric sector.

  • Fabric width of up to 5400 mm
  • Crease-free
  • Suitable for woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics
  • Controlled shrinkage
  • Optimum washing results

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Added value: Ideas brought to completion

Our customers rely on our innovative automation solutions. From consulting, hardware planning, to software development and after-sales services, we offer a full range of services for electrical automation.

There are many ways to control a machine or plant. Real solutions that meet both the requirements and the budget are few and far between. We make it our job to find these ways, so that our solutions for your machines and systems are both functional and efficient. And that it's fun to work with them. This is the only way to produce optimum products with little waste. With our professional work and high level of commitment, our customers have a partner they can rely on.

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Competent and fast support

The Benninger customer service team guarantees fast and long-term customer support and continuous functionality of the machines and systems. Qualified and experienced employees, equipped with the very latest resources, ensure that technical assistance and fast troubleshooting as well as optimization of functionality are a matter of course to maintain value and professional support, even a long time after installation and commissioning.

Do you have questions for our Help Desk or do you need assistance? Contact us!

Original parts with high quality and fast availability

The competence of our service technicians and Benninger's sophisticated logistics system guarantee speedy solutions to any spare part related questions. Our spare parts warehouse team is competent and fast. It ensures the functionality of every Benninger system.

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Retrofits: Longer life cycle

In order to maintain the value of the investment Benninger offers the customer different possibilities of modifications. These may be cost-effective standard but also customized modifications.

Contact us - we will upgrade your system according to the latest developments.


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