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We are the competent supplier of innovative overall solutions in the field of discontinuous textile dyeing machines. Our passion for perfect fabric quality makes sure that you produce the widest range of fabrics at lowest cost. The harmonic versatility and robustness of our machine systems guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.



Fastest and most versatile "Jet" of the industry

We produce the fastest and most versatile "Jet" of the industry and ensure a dramatically shorter process time.

Our passion for perfect fabric quality makes sure that you produce the widest range of fabrics at lowest cost.

Your future FabricMaster is not only a robust and reliable system, but the benchmark of the industry. The harmonic versatility of FabricMaster ist the beacon to conquer new markets.

  • Highest speed of industry, reduces cycle times dramatically
  • Highest wrapping angle and lowest lift of the industry, guarantees lowest tension
  • "State-of-the-art" dyeing of light and heavy fabrics
  • Highest versatility to dye difficult blends
  • Unique and in-build, 100% self-cleaning filter
  • Perfect chamber design guarantees no compression nor abrasion marks
  • Lowest liquor consumption
  • Lowest energy consumption due to harmonic system design

Sample “FabricMaster” with same nozzle design and liquor ratio availbale.

Download Flyer FabricMaster

Download Flyer SampleFabricMaster

Download Flyer MiniFabricMaster

Full of functionality and features

JigMaster – the new development in the field of discontinuous fabric dyeing machines with a performance that beats everything seen before. The design of the vat, batching rollers, expanders and drive technology allows even and low-tension dyeing of the most delicate and difficult woven fabrics free of crease and edge marks. Furthermore the «TwinJig» technology with two independent troughs ensures big savings in water, energy, processing time and costs.

  • BEN-CONTROL Software for constant fabric tension and speed control
  • «TwinJig» with 2 troughs - water and energy saving thanks to counterflow rinsing and higher mechanical washing effect
  • Reduced processing time
  • Accurate measuring of lot length (incl. shrinkage and lengthening)
  • Precise detection of sampling point
  • Fast heating gradients with two high capacity heat exchangers
  • Fully automatic add tank with mixing and dosing function
  • Entire fabric width illuminated for the supervision of the process through extra wide windows
  • Fast and tensionless unloading with frequency controlled winder (batcher)
  • «Plug and Play»

Download Flyer JigMaster

The most gentle treatment

The SynthMaster can dye fabrics without difficulty where other machines have to capitulate. The SynthMaster is able to dye even non-preheat-setted woven goods made of polyester as well as Lycra blends of cotton, Rayon, Nylon and Modal fabrics in open-width form without any rope marks or edge curling. To dye the non-preheat-setted polyester fabrics free of creases, the fabric is displaced extremely gently in the chamber and glides to the front free of compression, tension or stress.

  • Lowest liquor ratio of any hydrodynamic driven long tube dyeing machine through optimized chamber
  • Internal winch – low rope lifting
  • «Smooth flow» variable nozzle
  • Frequency controlled circulation pump for closed loop nozzle pressure control
  • «Master Filter» internal self-cleaning filter, filtrating 100 % of main circulation
  • Plaiting device over full width of chamber
  • Teflonized chamber
  • «Plug and Play»

Less space requirement -shortest horizontal dyeing machine autoclave length only 4600 mm  length

Download Flyer SynthMaster

The flexible high temperature beam dyeing machine

The BeamMaster high temperature fabric dyeing machine has a highly flexible application range, due to its design and options. With the BeamMaster dyehouses are able to bleach and dye woven and knitted fabrics in open width form efficiently and trouble-free.

  • Different sizes of beams including double or triple beams
  • High degree of customizing
  • WindMaster – Benninger is system supplier incl.  beamwinding and unwinding machine
  • Stainless steel autoclave with safety door.
  • Dyeing at up to 140°C / 4.5 bar for synthetic materials and high temperature bleaching to reduce process times.
  • Air cushion for expansion and dosing
  • Rigid carts made of stainless steel with high performance polyurethane wheels to move the dye beams.
  • Flow Reversal (Option)
  • Treatment of embroidery and laces (E.g. Discharge of PVA Nonwovens)
  • State of the art controller with differential pressure measuring and control.
  • «Plug and Play»

Download Flyer BeamMaster

Central dyehouse supply systems

We offer the following systems for your dyehouse:

  • Chemical Dispensing System
  • Dyestuff Dissolving & Dosing System
  • Powder Dissolving, Storing and Dosing System
  • Water Supply System
  • No dyestuff dust contamination outside of dyestuff kitchen
  • Centralized chemicals store in protected environment
  • IBC or original chemical suppliers container  can be used and therefore no manual manipulation and dangerous handling in workshop
  • “Just in Time” supply, not waiting time at machine and therefore high reproducibility on dyeing process
  • Human error elimination
  • Permanent hot water availability – shorter  heating up time
  • No preheating tank at Jet dyeing machine required (less cost, less space)
  • High degree of heat recovery and 40% saving of heating energy (steam)
  • No hot discharge to effluent treatment plant
  • HOST System manages complete dyehouse equipment including the sub systems.

Download Flyer DyeMaster

Hydro Extracting Technology for superior quality

The name HYDROC stands for almost 50 years of experience in the field of single head hydro-extraction of yarn packages. The robust design of the machine has proven itself over many years.

  • Quality increase due to
    • No hairiness compared to pressure dryer method
    • No deformation of the packages
    • Excellent rewinding properties
    • Low residual moisture
    • Even humidity distribution through the package
  • Production cost reduction
    • Reduction of yarn waste due to layer movement
    • Rewinding can be eliminated in a lot of cases
    • If rewinding is required: faster rewinding speeds
    • Dyeing tubes last longer
    • Operator of centrifuge can also load dryer
    • Low energy consumption
  • Ecological production
    • Closed system for effluent
    • Low compressed air consumption
    • Significant energy savings
    • Low noise level
  • Ergonomic design

Download Flyer HydroExtracting

Our range of laboratory equipment

Our range includes:

  • Laboratory Dyeing machine – IRD
  • Laboratory Padder

Download Flyer IRD
Download Flyer Laboratory Padder



Competent and fast support

The Benninger customer service team guarantees fast and long-term customer support and continuous functionality of the machines and systems. Qualified and experienced employees, equipped with the very latest resources, ensure that technical assistance and fast troubleshooting as well as optimization of functionality are a matter of course to maintain value and professional support, even a long time after installation and commissioning.

Do you have questions for our Help Desk or do you need assistance? Contact us!

If you need assistance for the automation part of our machines please contact the Automation Help Desk!

Original parts with high quality and fast availability

The competence of our service technicians and Benninger's sophisticated logistics system guarantee speedy solutions to any spare part related questions. Our spare parts warehouse team is competent and fast. It ensures the functionality of every Benninger system.

Contact us!

Retrofits: Longer life cycle

In order to maintain the value of the investment Benninger offers the customer different possibilities of modifications. These may be cost-effective standard but also customized modifications.

Contact us - we will upgrade your system according to the latest developments.


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