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Excursion of the Benninger pensioners to the ThyssenKrupp tower to Rottweil

      -  Discontinuous Dyeing  -  Tire Cord

In the most beautiful autumn weather, 33 pensioners of Benninger were on the way. With the bus they drove to Rottweil and visited the ThyssenKrupp tower there. In glorious weather, the visitor platform at a height of 232 m provided a magnificent view of the mountains and experienced ThyssenKrupp personnel were available to answer questions and provide information. After lunch, you had the opportunity to explore the old town of Rottweil or have a coffee. Afterwards, the trip home was started with many good impressions of the city of Rottweil. The retirees thank the company Benninger for the generous donation for the bus.


On behalf of all retirees


Werner Ziegler

Reinhard Haselwander